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I am doing a research paper on South African Apartheid and why it failed. What are some reliable sources I can use. They can't be wikipedia or things written by college students. Best Online Research Tools You've Never Heard Of Research Guide for Students - This Website might not appear to be much at first, as the layout is bare bones; but it's actually an extremely good resource for researchers. It provides guidelines for the technical aspects of writing a paper such as layout and style guides as well as a plethora of links to other research resources on just about ... How can I find good sources for my research paper ... How can I find good sources for my research paper? Collecting sources for a research paper can sometimes be a daunting task. When beginning your research, it's often a good idea to begin with common search engines, like Google, and general descriptions like you can find on Wikipedia.

You're research papers are probably taking longer to finish than necessary. Checkout our brief but awesome writing guide! It's short enough to not waste your time, but jam packed with great tips and hacks for research, writing, and editing a paper or essay. Writing Lab. Improve your grades with these great writing resources!

Writing Resources | Online Writing Center | SUNY Empire State ... Writing Resources. Writing Resources provides learners with a vast amount of self-paced learning material to help develop different areas of academic writing. Select from the list below to go to the writing resource most appropriate to your needs. Academic Writing - Types of academic writing, the writing process, building an essay... Resources - Scientific Papers, Research, Technical Fact ... Resources Ambitious research and revered expertise PARC's scientists hold almost 2,000 patents and patent applications, have published more than 4,000 papers and over 100 books, and present at a wide range of conferences every year. What are Credible Sources? - Finding Credible Sources Now that you now what to look for in a credible source, let's talk about what are considered credible sources. Can I find credible sources at my university's library? In general, most of what you find through your university's library, whether it is a book, scholarly journal article, music recording, CD, DVD, e-book, etc. will be a credible source. Is the Encyclopedia Britannica a valid source? - Quora

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Reliable and Unreliable Sources Resource: “Internet Research Tips” by Grace Fleming Whenever sources must be used for writing academic papers, such as research papers, reliable sources must be used to validate or support your ideas. Some sources are considered as reliable because they have been written by people who are experts in the field. Reliable resources for research paper -

Use bibliography software to help keep track of and cite sources. Several such programs are available, and can save a lot of time and energy. Consider taking a class on writing a research paper.

What Does Credibility Mean? - Finding Credible Sources The reason is that you may have heard of the journal your doctor referred to, or you may know that the AMA is a highly respected organization in the field of medicine, ergo, they know that their information is credible and reliable. The same situation holds true if you are writing a research paper. WRTG - What Are Research Resources? - Research Resources What Are Research Resources? Research resources are usually thought of as primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources can be firsthand accounts of actual events written by an eyewitness or original literary or artistic works. They may be letters, official records, interviews, survey results, or unanalyzed ...

Researchers can access digitized letters, papers, photographs. To be reliable means that you can trust the information (duh).

10 Tips How To Find Good Sources For a Research Paper ... The Internet is full of information, and determining which are reliable sources to ... How can I find good sources for my research paper? — University of ... Collecting sources for a research paper can sometimes be a daunting task. When beginning your research, it's often a good idea to begin with common search ...

More and more students are turning to the Internet when doing research for their assignments, ... The printed resources you find in the Library have almost always been ... is a good way to make sure that the Net material is reliable and authoritative. ... the useful ones later, and also put the required references in your paper. What Does Credibility Mean? - Finding Credible Sources - Google Sites